Client Return Policy

Please have a return policy in place for your own store, and strongly encourage consumers to use the testers prior to purchasing full size item. Keep your testers fresh so the line is attractive and appealing.  For more information, see "Shelf Life & Product Rotation" in the Wholesale Policies section of this site. 

We cannot accept returns on expired products, or on unopened products after six months of the shipping date. Keep your stock fresh to ensure you don’t sell outdated products to your customers!  

Opened Products

We will gladly accept returns on opened cosmetics that are defective (product or packaging). We cannot accept returns due to your customers chosing the wrong colour, however we can accept a return if a customer has a strong reaction to a product.

Please download our tracking document to log your product returns. As they come in, we ask that you fill out the appropriate information and email the document to A credit memo will be applied to your account.

Customer Return Document

 *We may or may not ask for you to ship the product back to us for inspection. If we do, it will be at our expense.

Returns (unopened products)

If upon receiving the product or shortly thereafter, the product appears to be unacceptable to sell (for whatever reason), please make us aware so we can rectify the situation.  Please have ready the lot number of the product(s) in question, as well as photos.

Restocking Fee: Unopened product returned to us within 6 months after the ship date will incur a 25% restocking fee + shipping.